Are you stuck outside? Read this while you wait for your local locksmith to arrive: 5 crazy stories about people who got stuck outside.
by Johnathan Eshel
We highly recommend you NOT to take the matters in your hands and try to force yourself in,our 24/7 emergency locksmiths service can get you back in with no hassle!
With that being said, we are proud to share with you 5 crazy stories of people who didn’t expect to get stuck, we would recommend you to wait for a qualified locksmith to get back into your property in case you are locked out. Enjoy reading!
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After work hours, following dinner is the time you usually take care of the house chores so that you can relax in front of the TV. That is exactly what happened to John one day, who subsequently became one of our customers. John was after a long day at work, he had already finished his dinner and was ready to sit in front of the TV to watch his favorite show. John went outside to take out the trash. A routine that was so familiar that he did so without taking a key with him. A gust of wind left John locked outside his house, when his door closed shut. John needed to borrow his neighbors phone to get in touch with us so he can get back inside
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Some stories are just so unfortunate, its almost hard to believe they are true! A recent customer of ours, living in a 13 story building in the city, was on the way up to her apartment. When the elevator door opened she was fumbling in her bag for the key. Just as she was stepping out, her house key slipped between the gap on the floor of the entrance to the elevator, falling down 13 stories into the abyss. There was nothing she could do in this unfortunate situation except for call us so we can get to her apartment. 
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A young lady by the name of Ella found herself in a bit of a pickle when she shouldn’t get into her house. A common mistake, Ella had traveled far to drop her car off at the mechanics so that she could get the car fixed. When she left the car with the mechanic, she also gave him her car key. What she forgot was that, her house key was attached to her cars key. Unfortunately it was a Friday at six in the evening when she realized this, and she would not be able to obtain the key from the mechanics till the following Monday morning.
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A young couple living in the city, were outside on their balcony enjoying the evening sunset. They decided to close the balconies sliding door, but were unaware of the fact that the lock was on lock-mode. Unfortunately, they go stuck outside on their own balcony. With no phone, and no-one inside the house to help, they resulted to cry out for help from their neighbor who subsequently called us for them. 
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Tom works as a security guard at a mall. One morning on his way to work he had realized that he forgot his medication at home and so he was forced to drive back. Once he had arrived at his front door, he reached out of his jacket to get the key to his house, which was bundled up in a key-chain full of keys he uses at work. It was only then he realized, that he had taken with him the wrong set of keys. Tom had no choice but to call us, so he could get into the house to get his medication, and the right set of keys.
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